Basics about an essay

Basics about an essay

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The word “essay” is of French origin, and it can be translated into Russian with such words as essay, sketch, sample, attempt. In the scientific formulation, an essay is a small prose work of a free composition, expressing the author’s own position, impressions and thoughts of the author on a specific issue, which are certainly not the ultimate truth and do not thoroughly analyze the essence of the subject or problem. In the essay, the author puts his literary skills, creative thinking, character and personality. That is why this type of essay helps most to reveal to gifted students and to appear before a testing teacher in the best light.

When writing an essay, how to write a plan and express thoughts on it is not necessary at all. The main advantage of writing an essay is the freedom of style, the lack of attachment to constraints and frames (remember how much time you spend on structuring an essay or term paper) and proximity to conversational speech. In other words, the thoughts you have written in writing help to establish an invisible contact with the reader, since in this case you can be completely open and sincere. But this style of writing is not available to everyone, many are easier to follow a strict plan or even entrust this task to another person. If you do not cope with the essay, but it must be completed on time, then contact our authors – they know their work and will do the task efficiently and quickly!

What is the feature of the genre?

In the process of how you will write an essay, you will understand that this type of text requires an original approach. The following rules and techniques will help to make the work in a special way penetrating and impressive:

  • Conciseness and capacity.
  • The subjective assessment of the problem is underlined.
  • Freedom of composition.
  • The simplicity and ease of thought, proximity to the conversational style.
  • Paradox, the ability to surprise the reader.
  • Semantic unity, preoccupation with one theme.

Start an essay with a bright phrase or title and write so that it is difficult for another person to break away from reading the work. Add freshness to already beaten expressions and cliches, operate with aphorisms and quotations, show your education – and then your essay will be worthy of high praise!