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How to write an essay?

Quite often, humanitarian students are asked to write an essay. This genre is puzzling to many, because it is inherently a creative work for which not everyone has the ability. That is why many students have absolutely no idea how to write an essay. And then they come to the aid of our portal, where there are many publications with useful tips on the implementation of various educational works. In addition, we can always order any training work, if its implementation suddenly does not go well, or there is no time for it. Everything will be done quickly and for a reasonable fee.

To understand how to cope with this work, you first need to figure out what it means by it. In general, the essay is a small prose essay with a free composition. It is this free form that confuses students the most. The essay should express the personal impressions of the author, his thoughts about any phenomenon or subject. The language of this work should be colorful and detailed, the imagery, aphoristic; the presence of associations and other artistic techniques is welcomed.

Many students who find it difficult to write an essay often simply don’t know where to start. They are overcome by the fear of a clean slate, as well as the impossibility of gathering their thoughts into a single whole. In fact, everything is not so scary: one has only to start – and it goes like clockwork. What can advise students writing an essay? There are some basic recommendations:

  • Think about your topic well – what thoughts and associations does it evoke?
  • Write down these thoughts, for a start in a chaotic manner – then they will form a single picture.
  • Analyze what you have written is the most important in your opinion – with this and start
  • Do not “grind out” the words; the essay narration should be easy, unconstrained, the words should pop out from under the fingers, like a small living bird
  • The theses expressed in the essay should not be separated – you need to feel the meaningful unity
  • Write an essay “heart”, be yourself in these words, they should be a reflection of your personality, your feelings and emotions and, of course, position
  • Do not skimp on aphorisms, also use allegories, paradoxes, associations
  • After writing an essay, read it carefully and discard all unnecessary – it should be concise

How to write an essay?

An essay is a creative work, so arbitrary forms are allowed in terms of structure and design. Therefore, a lot in this regard depends on what subject and for what purpose the text is being written. It will never be superfluous to clarify with the teacher how to arrange an essay given by him. Perhaps the design nuances are completely unimportant for him, he just wants to see your thoughts on a given topic. Most often this is what happens when performing ordinary ordinary homework. In this case, the requirements for registration are extremely simple:

  • availability of reference
  • presentation of thoughts in the form of theses with arguments
  • paragraph breakdown
  • the presence of a conclusion with reasonable conclusions

The rest of the composition for such works can be completely free. However, if you have to write an essay for the exam, university entrance or other important points, then the requirements are somewhat tougher.

So, if you are preparing an essay for a serious reason, then you need to take care of the competent design. And the first thing to do is the title page. It should display the topic of work, who performed it, as well as information about the curator, school, course, etc. For the title page is a plan or content. Further, the introduction is written under page number 3. It should express the formulation of the topic, question, problem. Write it on a separate sheet. Next comes the main part, which sets out the theses and arguments to them. It is very important to be able to prove your point of view, adhering to the logical structure. After all, all paragraphs must be related to each other, have a meaningful unity. If quotations are used in this, they should come with footnotes that will be disclosed at the end of the work. In short, sources should be arranged according to all the rules of bibliography.

After the main part is a conclusion on a separate sheet. It summarizes everything described in the previous section, concludes. The next sheet is a list of references.

Here are a few words about the features of the design of the essay. Its regulated volume is from 4 to 16 pages. The text is typed in a standard font of 14 points with a one-and-a-half spacing with centimeter paragraphs. Each section should begin with a new page. The finished essay is printed on A4 paper or submitted in electronic format.